Whisper My Secret: A Memoir (Volume 1)

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How does a mother cope when she is forced to walk away from her three children and never see them again?

Whisper My Secret is the true story of a devoted mother who carried her heartbreaking secret to her grave.Myrtle is eventually rescued from her grief and despair by tall, dark and handsome George Rowley who fell in love with her, offering her romance and enduring love. Myrtle started a new life with George and had seven more children. She buried the grief of losing her first children deep within and kept her pain secret.

JB Rowley, an award winning Australian author and one of Myrtle’s seven children by her second husband, tells the compelling story of her mother’s secret. Desperate to know how such a thing could happen to a caring mother, JB went on a journey to find out. It was a long time before she was able to work out that her mother kept her early life and her first family secret out of misplaced guilt and shame. To redress that, JB decided to tell the whole world her mother’s secret as a proud declaration that Myrtle did nothing deserving of guilt or shame.

The ebook of this memoir has several times been a #1 best seller in Amazon’s Adoption category.